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2 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool Programmable

Heat Pump Thermostat


Battery powered, low voltage electronic setback heating and cooling thermostat with sealed relay contacts. Pre-programmed with four adjustable heating and cooling periods for weekdays. Preprogrammed with four adjustable heating programs and four adjustable cooling programs for weekends.

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  • Lighted Display
  • 2 heat / 1 cool heat pump
  • Separate programs for weekdays and weekends
  • Preprogrammed - up to 4 programs per day
  • Separate programs for heating and cooling
  • Either system powered with battery backup or battery powered
  • Easily reprogrammed with LUX Programming Dial
  • Large Liquid crystal display
  • 5 minute air conditioning compressor delay
  • Temporary and constant temperature override
  • Keyboard Lockout
  • Total isolation between system power and thermostat

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