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Single Pole Line Voltage (4-Wires)
Heating Only Manual Thermostat


1 Stage Heat Only
Double or Single Pole (4 or 2 Wires)
120/240 VAC Systems up to 22 Amps

Non Compatible With

Conventional 24V Heating Applications
Millivolt Heating Applications
Cooling Applications

Electrical Ratings

Resistive: 22A at 120/208/240/277 VAC
   2640W @ 120V, 5280W @ 240V
Inductive: 1/2HP@120 V, 3/4HP@240V
Temperature Sensing Element

Temperature Sensing Element

Single Bi-Metallic Strip


Additional Information

>> Instruction Manual

>> Spec Sheet




Easy to Install and Use
Clean Attractive Design
Contains No Mercury
5 Year Limited Warranty
ETL Certified (USA,  Canada)
Dimensions are 2.75"W  x 4.50"H  x 1.50"D
Setting Range 41F to 90F

WARNING: This thermostat directly controls line voltage (120/240 VAC). Do not attempt to install this thermostat unless you are completely familiar with line voltage wiring. If proper precautions are not followed, a risk of electric shock may exist. Disconnect the supply voltage at the circuit breaker prior to removing the existing thermostat or installing this one.

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