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For more than 100 years, LUX Products Corp. has been bringing top-quality products to market. They’ve built a rich heritage designing and manufacturing innovative products for the home, from turn-of-the-century timing devices dating back to its founding, to the acclaimed touch-screen programmable and WiFi thermostats marketed today.

LUX has delivered a lot of innovation to the home comfort control category and with each new product, they push the envelope in both design and functionality. It’s this commitment to create products that are reliable, affordable and easy to install that make them a prime fit for the HVAC industry. LUX understands that, for many HVAC professionals, time is money.

Unlike other companies in the space, LUX grew up partnering with the channel and has deep industry knowledge and understanding about what HVAC contractors and distributors want and need - products that last, fit into any budget and come with tech support, making installation easy. As such, they have created a portfolio of thermostat products that make it easy for HVAC professionals to purchase all their thermostat needs from one supplier.

LUX offers a broad range of product choices to fit every project and budget from simple stats to high tech. The company’s P and U series product lines offer the best value on the market. They are perfect for new construction or one heat/one cool or two heat/two cool environments. These thermostats provide 7-day, 5-2 day flexibility with program/non-programmable capability all in one thermostat - making them an ideal truck-stock option. In addition to the unique program capability, these thermostats include quality features that include ease of installation, easy-to-read back-lit display, keypad lockout and the company’s three-year warranty.

Both lines offer a full range of feature-to-value step up products. The U series also includes a touchscreen thermostat. Pricing is competitive and allows for a full range of needs and profitability.

The company’s newest, hi-tech thermostat, the LUX/GEO was just announced this summer. The LUX/GEO is the market’s first WiFi thermostat that can be powered exclusively by battery power, making it compatible with all heating and cooling systems.

The LUX/GEO puts the flexibility and control of home comfort in the hands of the home owner, either via smartphone device, desktop or the product’s intuitive control panel. The large display, control wheel interface and free Android/ iOS App give the user full control with easy-to-understand programming and built-in geofencing capability within the App. Geofencing automatically puts the thermostat into an energy-saving mode when the homeowner is out of the house; it resets to provide optimal comfort when the homeowner re-enters the designated “fence.”

LUX offers a breadth of products that solve 98 percent of all installation concerns. That’s great news for the HVAC industry. With its leading-edge LUX/GEO and the value price P- and U-series, LUX is positioned as the leader and partner of choice for HVAC professionals.

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